Instructor - Joe Nicholas

Joe Nicholas Primary Responsibilities: Fighter, Fight Team Organiser.

In my Celtic Championship Belt and Medals (including Bronze from Baltic Open).

Proud to share the joy of the victory with the sparring team. The Fighter is nothing without his team.

Taking a knee from Salah "the Beast". Always Learning!

Its not all about glory! Hardwork indoors or outdoors!

2014 was a busy year with 6 fights and only 1 loss. A few pictures from 2014:

2015 and 2016 were quieter due to University commitments but Joe still managed to win the Golden Belt North West Area Championship and compete on a number of shows.

2017 is a quiet year with one international (May 6th) and one domestic fight arranged for December. Below is a video highlight of the fight against Jacopo Mondi from Italy. This fight somehow ended as a draw.

Joe can be contacted via his facebook page click here

If you want Joe to fight on your shows between 70 and 72.5kg then get in touch


“It is an excellent feeling to see the improvements the students are making with your help. It is also great to pass on the knowledge you have gained as well as gaining new knowledge from the students. ” Instructor Joe Nicholas



Jon Nicholas, Chief Instructor
Joe Nicholas, Instructor
Duncan Barron, Instructor.
A wealth of knowledge is available and the instructors are constantly seeking more information to make available to the student body .

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