Chief Instructor - Jon Nicholas

Jon Nicholas Primary Responsibilities: Technical Skills, Self Defence Coach, Fitness Coach, Gym Management.

Instructing during class time - The finer points of padholding.

Working on self defence with Joe.

Self Defence - use what's there! "Get a haircut!!".

With Arjarn Panya Kraitus - it was a tough set. This is literally the man who wrote the book on Muay Thai.

Arguably my greatest moment in Muay Thai (although strictly a K1 moment)

Definitely my greatest achievements!


“It's hardwork running a Thai Boxing gym but watching kids and adults pass grades, and fighters fighting their hearts out make you as proud as any man can be. ” Chief Instructor Jon Nicholas



Jon Nicholas, Chief Instructor
Joe Nicholas, Instructor
Duncan Barron, Instructor.
A wealth of knowledge is available and the instructors are constantly seeking more information to make available to the student body .

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