These Links are some useful resources or gyms and people we are associated with

Sitsiam Camp

Sitsiam Camp with its chief instructor Kru Tony Moore is the authority on traditional Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong in the UK. Click here to go to the website. has loads of fight videos related to K1 and Muay Thai. Click here to go to the website.

Muay Thai Judging

This site has resources to help people judge Muay Thai fights. It isn't the same as boxing nor as difficult as some like to make out.Click here to go to the website.

K1 News

This site has resources and news relating to K1 brand kickboxing.Click here to go to the website.

AX Kickboxing Forum

Some useful information about Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and fight training (it is a forum and are the personal views of those on it) Click here to go to the website.

HD Fights from Thailands Stadium

This site films and publishes fights from the main stadiums in Thailand Click here to go to the site

“T1 Muay Thai we stay out of the politics that exists in this and any other sport. We try to make links with everyone we meet, in order to deliver the best to all out students.” Chief Instructor Jon Nicholas


Jon Nicholas, Chief Instructor
Joe Nicholas, Instructor
Duncan Barron, Instructor.
A wealth of knowledge is available and the instructors are constantly seeking more information to make available to the student body .

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