Self Defence @ T1 Muay Thai

T1 Muay Thai offer a self defence element to its grading syllabus and on top of the techniques that are used for grading self defence. Chief Instructor Jon Nicholas has developed a self defence system using Muay Thai techniques at its core.

This system has no catchy name or special claims to have been used by any special forces, but we can guarantee that it is simple to learn and it is very effective when combined with the raw power that Muay Thai techniques give.

In addition to simple empty hand defence, it is a sad reallity that more often edged weapons are used in street attacks, and the T1 Self Defence system caters for this, with empty hand and the use of Yawara/Kubotan/Palm Sticks.

Against Grabs like a choke ...

Against Knives ....

The full techniques have all been published and are available through the club in PDF format.

“The book started as a number of photos to show the basic defence techniques of Muay Thai. But I have a passion for self defence and the techniques just flowed logically into order and the progression from Thai to Self Defence was sensible enough. The funds raised from the book feed the club with funds for new equipment. ” Chief Instructor Jon Nicholas

If anyone wishes to order the book then please contact Jon Nicholas on the club number 07518 989598, or by email to


Jon Nicholas, Chief Instructor
Joe Nicholas, Instructor
Duncan Barron, Instructor.
A wealth of knowledge is available and the instructors are constantly seeking more information to make available to the student body .

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