T1 Muay Thai has a number of instructors at various levels with a number of different skillsets.

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Jon Nicholas

Chief Instructor.
Primary Responsibilities: Technical Skills, Self Defence Coach, Fitness Coach, Gym Management.
A lifelong fan of Martial Arts since watching Bruce Lee movies as a kid Jon has trained in Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Krabbi Krabong, Philipino Martial Arts and Self Defence skills. Jon is always learning and studying Muay Thai and has an extensive library including books from World War 2 on hand to hand combat, and the more modern Krav Maga.

Frequently attending courses on Self Defence, Refereeing and Judging, and on effective scoring for Muay Thai.

Joe Nicholas

Instructor. Joe has trained in Muay Thai (with exposure to Muay Boran and Krabbi Krabong) since the age of 6.
Currently an active fighter in both K1 and Muay Thai, Joe is primarily responsible for working with the fighters and actively manages the "Fight Team" at interclubs and helping to expose strengths and weaknesses during sparring to develop the fighter skill set. Joe is also responsible for passing on the Ram Muay of the club and has spent many hours in learning the various Ram Muay.
Constantly learning and has attended refereeing and judging courses and a course on effective scorring for Muay Thai.

Bronze Medal WAK-1F Amateur K1 Baltic Open
Celtic Champion (K1) under 72Kg
North West Junior Open Champion
Golden Belt North West Area Champion

Duncan Barron

Duncan has been training for a number of years and brings an inspirational level of fitness (frequently running 10K events and above).
Primary responsibilities include working with the grading class and as Chief Cornerman for Joe, Duncan has attended referreeing seminars to improve his knowledge. as part of his role he works with all fighters and interclubbers prefight to warm up and prepare appropriately.
Additionally Duncan has taken part in Muay Boran Seminars to improve his knowledge of the traditional arts.

“At T1 Muay Thai we pride ourselves on having accessible instructors who want to pass on knowledge and skills, so that ultimately our students can become teachers ” Chief Instructor Jon Nicholas

If you are interested in joining the instructor training program then speak to Jon.


Jon Nicholas, Chief Instructor
Joe Nicholas, Instructor
Duncan Barron, Instructor.
A wealth of knowledge is available and the instructors are constantly seeking more information to make available to the student body .

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